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Thread: Foot borne circulatory devices

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    Foot borne circulatory devices

    Has anyone considered using foot borne intermittent compression devices in combination with NMES . That is to say using the two systems simultaneously ?
    The rational behind the question is that intermittent compression devices work by applying force to the sole of the foot which is then transmitted , mainly via viscoelastic muscle tissue , to the veins of the plantar venous plexus which then collapse and eject blood . I suspect that if the intrinsics are in a state of active contraction then the forces applied by such devices might be better transmitted to the PVP and so produce a more forceful emptying of the plexus .

    The level of electrical stimulation would not need to be very high with the state of contractile activity in the intrisic foot muscles being intermittently raised to only a little above the normal resting tone of the muscle .
    If proven to be effective then perhaps a similar "combined" system could be tested for the calf muscle pump so that intermittent compression and NMES could be used simultaneously and to greater effect than intermittent pneumatic compression alone .


    Note - I am not advocating electrical stimulation of the foot muscles in a standing or walking/running individual due to possible balance issues .
    Gerrard Farrell


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