Dear Vicon users,
We would like to contact owners of the Vicon 624 system (probably acquired around 2002/2003, using cameras "Mcam M▓").
We especially need to recover the content of the 64 MB CompactFlash, located inside the vicon 624 workstation unit (and NOT in the PC which runs the vicon software). This CompactFlash disk contains the OS of the workstation. We have contacted Vicon in Oxford and they suggest our problem is due to a corruption of the files on the Flash. However they cannot provide us with copies as our system is too old. Despite its age, our old Vicon was working fine until this fault appeared and it would be a shame to throw the whole system away without at least one last effort to find these files.
We'll be grateful for any help you can offer so that we can restore our system.
Please contact for any extra details on our problem.
Best regards,

Antoine MORICE
UMR 7287 Institut des Sciences du Mouvement EJ Marey
Aix-Marseille UniversitÚ - FacultÚ des Sciences du Sport - 163 Avenue de Luminy - case 901 - 13009 Marseille
TÚl: +33(0)4 91 17 22 02
Bureau : C.3.18

-------------------------Messages displayed when connecting a screen to the Vicon 624 unit ---------------
' error loading file:errno 0x3d0004'
'DosFsDevInit failed'
'usrFdConfig failed'

------------------------- Our system description ---------------------
Vicon Workstation 624 with two video graphics cards, so we can have a max of 6 cameras ( but has slots for two more). The cameras are Mcam2.