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I'm currently studied the pronation with a sensor (accelerometer 3D and gyroscope 3D) in the foot plantar position. I would like to know the pronation degree of the foot and the foot roll during a walk.
I tried to integer gyroscope data to know the degree at the heel contact. But I think the heel contact doesn't represent the pronation degree. But if I know the degree at the heel contact, at toes contact and at the propulsion, I can have a pattern of the walk.
This pattern, Can it be useful to me in order to know the pronation/supination too ?

Thank you
I think your schema is correct. You can use the accelerometer to detect the heel contact... With the gyroscope you can also estimate the heel contact. For knowing the toe off you could also use the gyroscope. There is a lot of literature about it... Maybe other option is to use the orientation (quaternion or euler angles)...

Which kind of sensor you have? Where do you put it? I think for your aim the best option is up the heel... You have to fixed them very well to avoid noise