Hello Peter,

I'm with Orpyx Medical Technologies and we have a product call LogR that might suit your needs quite well. LogR is an in-shoe plantar pressure measurement tool that streams plantar measurements at 100Hz to an iOS device. On the iOS device one can see pressure in real-time, as well as record data for future post processing analysis. If you would are still looking for a solution and would like to learn more please reach out to me, my contact information is below.

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Marcel Groenland
Director, Product Management

email: Marcel.Groenland@orpyx.com
Office: +1 403.460.0216 x505

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Hi all,

Can anyone provide a list of commercially-available wireless plantar pressure sensors that provide real-time plantar pressure visual display? If possible, if would also be great to know the approximate cost and # of sensors in each insole system.



Peter B. Shull
Associate Professor
Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Shanghai, China