Applications are currently open for International and Domestic applicants for PhD positions at Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia. Please note the closing date for International applicants is 31 Jul 2017 (if you are wishing to apply for a scholarship), Domestic student applications close 31 Oct 2017. Please see for more detail.

Please note these are competitive scholarships awarded to high-calibre applicants.

Currently we are recruiting suitable students, who obtain a scholarship as above, to research in the area of Strength and Conditioning, and/or Biomechanics, and/or Performance Analysis with a focus on Military Load Carriage. We are currently investigating a female specific conditioning program for load carriage and are wishing to further explore this line of research.

The facilities at MQ include a Vicon motion analysis system, 3 in-ground force plates, and other facilities such as a virtual reality laboratory, portable force plates, and a force-instrumented treadmill, EMG, portable force plates, etc.

Depending on the proposed project the successful applicant should have experience with strength and conditioning / qualifications, a passion for high performance sport, and kinetic and kinematic data collection and analysis experience e.g., Vicon or similar. Experience with Matlab, or similar, is preferred.

Please read the university application process (, then if the above research topic area interests you contact Dr Tim Doyle directly (, before submitting your application so your suitability can be discussed; please include:
- a brief statement about yourself,
- copies of all your academic transcripts, and
- a brief (1-2 paragraph) example research project proposal.

The successful applicant will need to start early 2018.

Please contact me directly for further information,