Postdoctoral Position in Foot Biomechanics
Biomechanics Research Building, University of Nebraska at Omaha

The Biomechanics Research Building (BRB) at the University of Nebraska at Omaha ( ( has a postdoctoral research associate position opening. The BRB was established for the purpose of developing a new understanding of the dynamical aspects of human movement. The building is a flourishing enterprise where engineers, scientists and clinicians get together to gain additional insights on healthy and abnormal movement patterns. The BRB is an NIH Center of Biomedical Research Excellence (COBRE).

This position would work under the direction of Dr. Kota Takahashi, on projects related to foot biomechanics and thermoregulation in healthy and clinical populations (e.g., persons with diabetes, vascular disease, and amputation). Dr. Takahashi’s research team examines the role of foot and ankle structures in human locomotion, integrating perspectives from in-vivo muscle-tendon mechanics, energetics, and thermoregulation. The postdoc will join an interdisciplinary team consisting of clinicians, biomechanists, and engineers.


The interested individual can receive postdoctoral research training for ~11 months, with potential renewal for a 2nd year based on performance review.


· Ph.D in Biomechanics, Biomedical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Neuroscience, Motor Control and Learning or related field.
· Experience with computer programming
· Professional writing skills
· Previous experience in working with clinical population (e.g., persons with diabetes, limb amputation) is desirable, but not required.


Via email to Dr. Takahashi (, please submit the following materials, combined into a single PDF document:

1) cover letter stating your qualifications, research interests, and career goals
2) a current curriculum vitae
3) contact information for 3 references.

For further information, please contact:
Kota Takahashi, Ph.D.
Biomechanics Research Building
6160 University Drive
Omaha, NE 68182-0860


The Biomechanics Research Building (BRB) is located on the campus of the University of Nebraska at Omaha. The two-story building boasts 23,000 square feet of laboratory, office and collaboration space. The new building features seven laboratories, patient evaluation room, changing rooms, machine shop, washroom, two conference rooms, data processing room, a library, numerous faculty offices and student workstations. The seven laboratories, all on the first floor, include: 1) Gait laboratory – Only slightly smaller than the size of a basketball court with 24’ ceilings, this laboratory features eight force plates, an instrumented treadmill, safety harness system and 3D digital motion capture. 2) Virtual reality laboratory – A 43’ x 29’ laboratory housing an instrumented split-belt treadmill, body weight support system, 3D digital motion capture and custom virtual reality set-up. 3) Motor development laboratory – Set up as a traditional living room with couches, tables and lamps, this laboratory features a force plate embedded into a floor. This allows for a natural environment to perform postural development studies in children. 4) Balance and strength laboratory – A 22’ x 29’ laboratory that features a clinical + research module Balance Manager by Neurocom®, a portable digital force plate and an isokinetic dynamometer. 5) Upper extremity laboratory – This laboratory is 13’ x 22’ space that is the home to our upper extremity rehabilitation robot from InMotion. 6) Acoustics laboratory – This space is designed to conduct auditory or cognitive tasks in a 17’ x 12’ sound proof room. 7) Motor learning laboratory – This laboratory is specially designed to host studies in motor learning, specifically as an external work site for local surgeons to receive training on the daVinci robot. This 16’ x 26’ space holds all custom equipment that has been built to facilitate these projects. Also included on the first floor is the machine shop (30’ x 15’), a washroom for casting (8’ x 15’), a patient evaluation room, men’s and women’s changing rooms and restrooms. Academic facilities on the first floor include five academic offices, a library and small conference room. The second floor of the facility features eight faculty offices, the director’s office, a large conference room with attached kitchenette, a small conference room, break room, undergraduate workstations, data processing room and 22 graduate research workstations with attached large collaboration space. BRB has strong ties with the University of Nebraska Medical Center, the Omaha Veteran Affairs Medical Center, the Creighton University Medical Center, and the University of Nebraska Lincoln College of Engineering. These strong relationships and the close proximity of these facilities provide the laboratory with immediate access to patients with neuromuscular disorders, clinicians in various domains, and engineers. Omaha is a dynamic metropolitan area of 700,000 people and has been rated as one of the best environments for living in the nation. Forbes Magazine recently named Omaha as one of the top 15 regions in the nation – after analyzing both economic and quality of life factors. Omaha is also one of the top "eco-cities" in the nation based on air and water quality, open space and population stability according to "E" The Environmental Magazine. The city landscape is a blend of restored office buildings, boutiques, historic preservation sites, shopping malls, parks, and running/bike paths. The Old Market area is a popular destination for residents of Omaha and tourists. This neighborhood features shopping, art galleries, live entertainment and eclectic restaurants that are situated along the river.