Hi Kyle,

This was about 10 years ago so not sure if my responses still apply... Anyhow, at that time I did a fair bit of 3D motion capture for a music technology lab at McGill University. We recorded synchronized audio from the line output of our mixer using a single analog input of a Vicon 460. We had no issues with digitizing the signal, but quality was not ideal at 16 bit, 20Khz. There was a plugin for workstation that allows you to convert the analog capture to a WAV file which will play alongside your motion capture. I have no idea if this functionality still exists in the newer software. In the end, the audio signal recorded to the Vicon served only as a synchronization reference for our high quality recordings which were made on dedicated audio hardware at the same time. You may want to go a similar route if you want the best audio quality possible and maintain synchronization to the motion capture.

Ryan Ouckama