Hi - I meant to reply to this right after the meeting and then classes started! I loved the Boulder meeting with the rapid podiums, thematic posters, symposia, regular podiums and regular posters. There was a really nice mix, and the programming was done so well with concurrent sessions that made sense (ie; 'low back pain' wasn't scheduled against 'spine' as has happened at some other meetings).

Traditional posters can be really difficult depending on the physical layout of the space - if it isn't done well, or is too crowded, it can be really hard to navigate and I think sometimes people give up so some posters get very little traffic - super discouraging to a student. The thematic posters are very engaging, and I feel like they have gotten better every year as people have learned more about what to expect and how to prepare for them (as a presenter and moderator). They are my favorite sessions.

As others have mentioned, part of the great appeal of this meeting is its smaller size, but I also recognize growth will happen and should be viewed positively. I appreciate that you are asking the membership for opinions on how this should be handled. APTA has grown tremendously over the past several years, and they limit authors to submitting as 1st author on 2 abstracts. That seems like a reasonable approach to me - only allowing a single submission could be very limiting to someone just finishing their degree who may have a lot of work to put forward, but allowing 2 submissions could allow them to showcase their best work. I'm curious what the numbers are though - would an approach like this accomplish the objective?

If we are to expand, I would be in favor of keeping the poster/podium ratio similar to what was done in Boulder rather than just increasing the poster session, with possibly converting all podiums to the rapid format and including several thematic poster sessions. I do actually know people who would choose not to submit if we got rid of the podiums for regular posters only. Rodger's idea of having a poster day and a podium day is also interesting.

Thanks for a great meeting in Boulder - looking forward to 2018!