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My students and I have collected and processed about 90 running trials from different sources and have created a statistical running model, where parameters are in terms of anthropometry as well as running style. This is a work in progress and we have not published anything on it yet, except a blog post, where you can see some animations, including the average running style.
You are welcome to get the data for the average runner or whatever you like, but we are frankly not confident about the quality of our input data, so we are currently working to set up a pipeline of many quality running trials collected systematically to feed into the model.
Hi John,
Thanks for the message.Am actually looking at ethnicties particularly on Indians. I dont mind if you have any research work on other ethnicities as long it consistis of any ethnicty background where I can look at the strategy and methodology which can I use it as guidance. You can suggest me any articles which you have come across as am struggling to find on Indians.