Dear Colleague
I would like to thank everyone who answered my question concerning
a way to convert wav file into txt file.
Thank you very much.
I was really surprise of the involvement of Biomech community. This is
showing that Biomechanics Community is alive and active.

I did not provide the wav conversion program because I don't know
if the authors want to distribute to all. If you want a copy just
ask the authors themself.

Mario Lamontagne PhD
University of Ottawa
Ottawa, Ontario
Canada K1N 6N5
tel: +1 613 564 9132
FAx: +1 613 564 7689

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From: Akademia Wychowania Fizycznego
Subject: Program WAV2TXT.PAS
Content-Length: 1275

Program wav2txt;
this program transforms any file named NAME.* into a text file
named NAME.TXT consisting of one column and sizeof(NAME.*) rows.
Each row in NAME.TXT displays one integer giving the value of
one byte from NAME.*.
If NAME.* = NAME.WAV (8 bit, mono), the file NAME.TXT contains
a short header, which can be skipped, and the values of the
sampled analog signal. 128 corresponds to 0 in the analog
File NAME.TXT can be read by EXCEL.
Usage: wav2txt NAME.*
Result: NAME.TXT

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Date: Sat, 11 Feb 1995 21:03:40 +0100
From: Akademia Wychowania Fizycznego
Subject: Re: File conversion
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Dear Mario,
I don't know if such a program exists but once I had the
idea of using a Soundblaster card as a AD converter.
A WAW file consists of a header and a part containing
samples of the analog signal. At least in the 8 bit, mono
mode the structure of the part containing samples is very
simple. The 8 bit resolution means that samples are numbers
from the range: 0-255. The zero level is 128 (or 80H),
minimum is 0 and maximum is 255 (FFH).
A conversion program could work as follows:
1. Skip the header.
2. Read byte by byte from the WAW file.
3. Convert bytes to integers.
4. Write the integers to a text file.
As a result you would obtain a text file containing numbers
corresponding to the samples from the WAW file. Such file
can be easily read from Excel.

Here is a pascal program corresponding to 2. to 4. above:

Program wav2txt;

This programs works well with 8 bit, mono WAV files.
I checked it with the WAV files which come with WINDOWS.
Diagrams displaying sound waves could be easily obtained
using EXCEL.

For 16 bit and/or stereo WAV files some minor modifications
of the program would be necessary.

Good luck!


Adam Siemienski