Dear all,
I need to compare the peak values of the moment, kinematic and GRF time series during sub phases of the stance (first and second double support and single limb support) between two groups during gait. We use vertical component of the GRF to accurately determine the stance phase and all data are time normalized from 0% to 100% of the stance phase. The question is, as long as there is no difference between walking speed of the two groups can I simply determine the first double support at 0% to 10% of the gait cycle and the second double support at 50% to 60% of the gait cycle which means that the 10% to 50% of the cycle is single limb support??
Is there any kinematic based algorithm or specific kinematic event to detect these sub phases of the stance?

any help and comment will be greatly appreciated


PhD Candidate, Center for Human Motion Researches, SUMS.