The Biomechanical Environments Laboratories lead research in both mechanical and biomedical engineering and has numerous collaborations with other facilities such as the Houston Methodist Research Institute or Texas A&M Vet school. The motion capture projects include sports biomechanics (quarterback biomechanics analysis, injuries linked to dance practice, baseball pitch throws analysis), animal motions (golden retriever affected with muscular dystrophy), medical device validation (gait analysis pre- and post-surgery for sheep with biocompatible cuff implanted into their leg for bone regeneration) and evaluation of gene disease evolution (Duchenne muscular dystrophy).
We have 2 main facilities, one at Texas A&M University in College Station (TX, USA), and the second at the Orthopedic Biomechanics Research Lab in Houston (TX, USA). Some research also take place at our partners' facilities.

Internship offer:
This is a 6 month internship position for a student completing his/her master degree. Internship will take place from approx. February 2018 to July 2018 (depending on the dates provided by your school) either in College Station or Houston (United States), depending on which project you will be affected to.
The internship will consist of doing a literature review associated to your project, assist the team during the motion capture sessions (for all projects, even if it is not your personal project) and learn how to use our Vicon motion capture system, analyse the data related to your personal project (with python or MATLAB) and present your results at the end.
This internship is research oriented. Our team will be here to guide you at anytime (especially for the first 2 months) but you will be expected to be able to work on your own.

There is no funding provided by our lab. We will be willing to help you get external funding (scholarship). Foreigners students will be coming under a "J1 Visiting Scholar" visa. There is currently no PhD automatically offered at the end of the internship but depending on your investment and motivation we could consider such a position.

Your profile:
Students currently completing their master degree/engineering school degree will be preferred, however we will consider other status depending on your motivation. Please provide information about your background when contacting us.
You must be in a mechanical engineering or biomedical engineering major. You must have some relevant programming experience (python and/or MATLAB are preferred but not necessary)
A high motivation is expected, and you also must be able to show initiative and to work with a hands-off supervisor.
Knowledge of both oral and written English is important, we expect the applicant to be able to express him/herself.

Motion capture knowledge is an advantage but not necessary.

For further information about the position, contact To apply, send your resume and your motivation letter to If you are selected for an interview, you will also need to provide your transcripts and 2 reference letters at the time of the interview.

Lise Ochej
Mechanical Engineer
Texas A&M Biomechanical Environments