Hi Tim,

Thanks for the interest in our event and it is a pity that you cannot attend. We currently do not have an online event scheduled on this topic, but that is certainly a good idea. I will bring it up.

There have been a couple of webcasts on related topics by AnyBody technology that may be of interest to you to check out:

These can all be found in the list of previous webcasts here: https://www.anybodytech.com/download...entation/#c708
Personalize your musculoskeletal models based on medical image data (Pavel Galibarov, AnyBody Technology, 20. April, 2016).
TLEMsafe: Personalization of musculoskeletal models and prediction of functional outcome (Vincenzo Carbone, University of Twente, 03. September, 2015).
Patient-specific Musculoskeletal Modelling of Total Knee Arthroplasty using Force-dependent Kinematics (Michael Skipper Andersen, Aalborg University, 09. September, 2014)

Best regards
Michael Skipper Andersen
Associate Professor
The AnyBody Research Group
Aalborg University