A one-year post-doc position is available immediately in the Department of Physical Therapy at Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia, PA. We are currently studying 3D cycling biomechanics to examine possible relationships between injury and positioning on the bicycle. At this time, we are measuring kinematics and muscle activity and have an initial design of an instrumented force pedal in conjunction with the engineering department. The post doc will be responsible for the following:
- Ongoing programming of the motion capture systemís software to allow all biomechanical data to be processed and analyzed.
- Recruiting subjects and performing data collection.
- Performing ongoing quality improvement of data collection and processing procedures to ensure data are consistent.
- Integrating with engineering faculty and students to assist with ongoing instrumented pedal design and to integrate their design and software with our motion capture system.
- Assisting with interpretation and dissemination of biomechanical data.
- Overseeing and ongoing training of Thomas Jefferson University graduate physical therapy research assistants who are assisting with data collection and processing in the lab.
- Assisting with preparing data and background information for grant proposal submissions.
In addition, there are opportunities within the lab to be involved in as well as other projects across the campus. Teaching opportunities are potentially available in the engineering programs for qualified candidates.

- PhD in Biomechanics, Biomedical Engineering, or a related field preferably with some engineering background
- Experience with motion capture and related programming for processing motion capture data
- Must be able to start by January 1, 2018 at the latest

For further information, please contact
Therese E. Johnston, PT, PhD, MBA
Associate Professor
Department of Physical Therapy
Jefferson College of Health Professions
Thomas Jefferson University
901 Walnut Street, Room 515
Philadelphia, PA 19107