I have just been awarded a PhD scholarship at the University of Winchester, UK. My research endeavours to look at the effects of menstrual cycle phases on ACL function and muscle strength during acute exercise and chronic training. As part of ACL function, I hope to look at ACL laxity as a measure. The KT-1000/KT-2000 has become a vital piece of equipment required to successfully complete this body of work, however, it is proving very difficult to get a hold of.

I am hoping that someone may have some information or advice on where the KT-1000/KT-2000 may be available from? Equally, if anyone is in possession of the KT-1000/KT-2000 and itís not being regularly used, I am hoping it would be possible to arrange to borrow, loan or buy the unit.

Please reply to this thread or feel free to contact me directly on the email address provided below

Thanks in advance,

Paige Richards M.Sc.
PhD Research Scholar of Sport, Exercise and Health
Department of Sport, Exercise and Health
University of Winchester | Sparkford Road | Winchester | SO22 4NR
E: P.richards.13@unimail.winchester.ac.uk