I have four analog video cameras (30 fps) with BNC outputs. I used them in the past as part of a peak performance system with four vcrs. I see a lot of security systems set up where a computer captures multiple cameras. I have used them a couple of times where I captured 4 views into a security DVR but this created a lot of work finding the correct sequences.

I have a project coming up where I want to try using these cameras for additional views of action. These are short bursts of action, maybe 5 - 10 seconds. I would like to find a computer video capture card that allows me to capture the four cameras into a computer. I have two computers that I can choose from. One is using windows 7 and the other Windows xp. I have ramped them both up so that they should have what it takes to handle this kind of data capture. The slots are PCI and/or PCIe. I have looked and seen many cards to chose from in a wide range of prices. I would like to keep the price down below $200 with the lowest price the better, since this is an experiment on the system capture. I will be capturing four views (~simultaneously) of the action. I plan on using Innovision MaxTRAQ software. It might be good to include some suggestions of software used for managing the capture. Kinovea can only capture two views.

I may be asking more than is possible, but I guess it does not hurt to ask.

Thanks, Rob Gillette