Dear Dr. Gillette,

I tried to set up a 3D motion capture system (low cost: < US$ 3,500) with 4 cameras and a Geovision GV800 card (this model was available 8 years ago and the slot of HP motherboard was PCI). Geovision support service reported that the images were synchronized by hardware, but some tolerance or delay of time must be considered between the images, because GV800 card is not designed for applications of 3d motion capture - for surveillance applications the synchronization has high quality. Perhaps, for studies with Maxtraq 2d in several views, this system may be useful.

The capture images were sent to Innovision and the company suggested that another capture system was evaluated. Innovision has complete software and hardware systems:

I paralyzed the project because of lack of resources - this project was made with private investments. The cameras and Geovision card were used as a complementary video system for clinical gait examinations (visual assessment of gait, especially feet, upper limbs and trunk).

I apologize for the translation failures.
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