The Biorobotics laboratory (Biorob, at EPFL (Lausanne, Switzerland) has one open PhD studentship and one open postdoc position in numerical simulations of human locomotion. The goal of the project is to develop neuromechanical models of human locomotion, together with Stéphane Armand (gait analysis, University of Geneva) and Alexandros Kalousis (machine learning, University of applied sciences, Western Switzerland), in the framework of a collaborative Sinergia project funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation. The neuromechanical models will include numerical models of spinal cord circuits coupled to biomechanical simulations of the body. The purpose of the project is to model pathological gaits resulting from motor impairments such as cerebral palsy, and to compare and combine neuromechanical simulation and machine learning approaches for gait analysis. The positions start in September 2018 and are fully funded for 4 years.

EPFL is one of the leading Institutes of Technology in Europe and offers internationally competitive salaries and research infrastructure.

Applications will be considered starting from Feb 15 2018, and then continuously until the positions are filled. The starting date is September 2018.

See for requirements and how to apply.