Hi All,

We are looking at purchasing some new markers for our 3D motion capture system as our current batch is looking worse for wear.

Reflecting on the data collection we have completed so far, I suspect the markers we currently use which have a the neck/stalk between the marker and rubber base which is adhered to the participant being analysed might not be the best style for our uses.

I have noticed particular issues around the pelvis during cycling when the stalk seems to increase the movement of the marker substantially.

Before I write off this type of marker completely, I am interested to hear peoples thoughts on the following points:

1. Is this a common issue when using this marker type?
2. Is there a benefit for this marker type?
3. Is there a marker size/diameter you would recommend for a lab which typically records:
a. Gait
b. Cycling
c. Exercise performance
d. Balance assessments/perturbations
e. Movement screens

The lab is approximately 3 m x 3 m x 16 m with an effective capture volume of approx 2 m x 2 m x 4 m.

The motion capture system is a Motion Analysis Corporation system with a mixture of Osprey and Kestrel cameras.

All help and advice will be greatly appreciated.