Hi All,

Our lab is beginning some work on using finite element analysis to examine tibial bone stress, and we are on the lookout for a database of either constructed 3D models or sample CT (or other imaging methods) scans that can be used to create such models that can be matched/scaled to participants. I'm aware that this approach has been taken in this study by Edwards et al. using the VAKHUM database, however the listed link in the paper and on the ISB website (http://www.ulb.ac.be/project/vakhum/) appears broken/out of date. Is anyone aware if this database is still available?

Another database I've come across is the Melbourne Femur Research Collection, which appears to have a number of available CT scans, and I'm wondering whether anyone has any experience with this or knows the process of accessing the database? There is also the Musculoskeletal Atlas Project which I haven't looked at in too much detail, so again if anyone has used this or is aware of it's capacity to generate scaled FE models it would be great to hear.

I understand that this sort of data is also available through the Grand Challenge papers however the example subject for this will be much older (~80 years) than those we are examining and hence wouldn't be appropriate.

Any advice on these various databases or any others the community might be aware of would be much appreciated.


Aaron Fox
Centre for Sports Research
Deakin University