We are going to be moving our gait lab into a new building and are currently working on completing the design documents. In our current lab, we were fortunate enough to have our force-plate system mounted on an independent concrete pillar, such that any vibrations from our current building would have a minimal effect on the forceplate measurements.

Unfortunately, in the new building we do not have an independent support pillar, and we are not on the ground floor. We have had a vibration analysis done on the floor, and although there were no 'large significant' vibrations measured, I would like to use a reference accelerometer - mounted to the same mounting plates as the force plates - in order to measure and filter out any 'noise' from the building (or the parkade below us :S ).

1) Have any other gait labs done this?
2) Any recommendations for accelerometers? (I'm asking here before I go to AMTI!)

Tim Bhatnagar