For the Research group in Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation in collaboration with the Human Movement Biomechanics Research Group, we are looking for a motivated postdoctoral fellow to collaborate in a European H2020 project, Oactive. OActive targets patient-specific Osteoarthritis progression prediction and interventions by using a combination of mechanistic computational models, simulations and big data analytics. Based on our previous experience from a 4-year longitudinal study on neuromuscular and biomechanical risk factors for progression of knee osteoarthritis, the KULeuven will participate in different work packages, including development of personalized neuromusculoskeletal models, the study of social determinants as well as the validation in clinical studies.

The postdoctoral researcher will work in collaboration with the research groups for musculoskeletal rehabilitation and human movement biomechanics at KU Leuven. In the research group for musculoskeletal rehabilitation we want to obtain an in-depth understanding of the contributing factors to musculoskeletal degeneration to allow optimised rehabilitation programs and as such contribute to maintain mobility through lifespan. In the human movement biomechanics research group, we explore the mechanical loading during normal and pathological movement. These insights are then used to develop strategies to optimize the musculoskeletal loading.

We are looking to recruit an international junior postdoctoral fellow with a PhD in human movement science, PhD in Rehabilitation science or a PhD in biomedical engineering to assist us in this work.
The ideal candidate has a strong interest in biomechanics and human motion capture with a strong background in measurement techniques.
Experience with 3D motion capture, Matlab and multi-body simulations is an important advantage.
The ideal candidate should be interested to work in a technological-driven environment and willing to function in a multidisciplinary context.

More details and submitting an application:

For more information please contact Prof. dr. Sabine Verschueren, tel.: +32 16 32 90 70, mail: or Prof. dr. Ilse Jonkers, tel.: +32 16 32 91 05, mail: