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Thread: Windlass mechanisms - plural - and diabetes

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    Re: Windlass mechanisms - plural - and diabetes

    To better understand the impact that the primary Windlass mechanism would have in reducing stresses in the plantar fascia during the weight acceptance stage of gait , the following analogy may be of use .

    . Imagine a simple 3 oz fishing weight hanging by a 2 foot long thread , from a tables edge . Now imagine lifting the weight upwards about 6 inches then dropping it again . Let's say the rapid loading of the thread causes the thread (representative of the the plantar fascia ) to snap . Now imagine you include a six inch piece of elastic in place of six inches of the thread ,so that the weight is now suspended at the end of a 1.5 foot long thread joined to six inches of elastic . Repeat lifting and dropping the weight and the thread is loaded less rapidly which protects the thread from damage . The elastic represents the toe extensor muscles connected to the plantar fascia via the bases of the proximal phalanges .

    Thus , in my opinion , the primary or initial Windlass mechanism could make a great deal of difference to tissue loading during gait . To function properly the initial Windlass phase ( initial may be a better word than primary ?) is reliant on an adequate range of motion of the toes around the metatarsophalangeal joints , adequate strength in the toe extensors , appropriate neurological control , and non restrictive footwear where present ( Looking at the video above restrict footwear would be anything that significantly interfered with the movement of the foot )

    Any thoughts ?

    Gerrard Farrell


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