I just came across a paper (1) on the long term prognosis for plantar fasciitis and its not good news for sufferers . In my opinion it would be well worth a group of qualified individuals looking into the existence and functioning of primary Windlass mechanism with regard to this type of debilitating pathology .

Here is part of the conclusion of the study -


"In patients with severe PF, the risk of still having PF was 50.0% after 5 years, 45.6% after 10 years, and 44.0% after 15 years from the onset of symptoms. Female patients and patients with bilateral heel pain had a significantly higher risk of having continuing symptoms. BMI, age, time from the onset of symptoms to baseline, smoking status, exercise-induced symptoms, and physical work had no significant impact on the prognosis in this study. The patients tried, on average, 3.8 different treatments, and a US-guided corticosteroid injection was the most frequently applied treatment (93%)."

Paper (1)
Long-Term Prognosis of Plantar Fasciitis: A 5- to 15-Year Follow-up Study of 174 Patients With Ultrasound Examination
Liselotte Hansen, MD, Thøger Persson Krogh, MD, PhD, Torkell Ellingsen, MD, PhD, ...
Orthopaedic Journal of Sports Medicine March 6, 2018