Hi Kristen,

Here at Naval Medical Center San Diego, we have a portable mocap system with 4 force plates and are very happy with our arrangement of two force plates adjacent to one another, followed by a spacer, and then the additional two force plates. We mostly collect overground running and this arrangement allows us to get clean right and left strikes every trial for nearly all the patients we have seen thus far. It also helps that post-processing in Visual 3D allows us to "combine" two adjacent force plates into one should a patient land in between two plates. Having the force plates laid out this way gives us a large surface area to use that has also worked well for additional activities including: squats, lunges, jumping, cutting, and walking.

Before this we had used a set-up arrangement of one force plate, spacer, second force plate, spacer, followed by two adjacent force plates and were less successful at getting both right and left strikes in the same trial. Hope this helps!

Katie Sharp
Naval Medical Center San Diego