Hello everyone,

I am a soon to be graduate with a BS in biomedical engineering searching for great and ideal master's programs that would cater to my career and research interests.

I am greatly passionate about human performance and how we can improve it, especially during athletic activities, using the knowledge of biomechanics and biotechnology. I hope that my background in biomedical engineering will certainly benefit me as I plan to continue my education in a more specific route to hone in on improving human and athletic performance. I eventually hope to work on developing new technologies (i.e wearable devices) to allow users to achieve optimal performance.

Any suggestions on what programs or even schools I should be looking into? Strictly biomechanics or kinesiology, because that is what I know very little about? Or bioengineering with a biomechanics track, because I'm still interested in biotech development? I am also completely open and very interested in programs outside of the US as well, just unsure of where to start.

I thank everyone in advance!