Dear Daniel,
In the past I worked as a Vicon support guy in France and now I am part of the ProtoKinetics team.

That’s easy to synchronize data from the Zeno with the Vicon, especially when you have the Lock+ Sync Box. Several teams in the world (and in USA as it seems you are from Delaware) already use both hardwares simultaneously.
So technical points are not an issue.

However, you need to keep in mind what you will get and won’t get. You mention “this walkway would replace the force plates that we use”.
The Zeno mat is a pressure mat, it means you can not get the 3 components of the forces and of the moments. Hence if you want to do inverse dynamics to reach joint kinetics as well as ground reaction vector, the Zeno won’t replace forceplates.
The power of the Zeno mat lies on the possibility to have long and wide capture area, to record patients with rollator and canes, and to get a consequently higher number of steps/strides than you would get in your 3D capture volume.
Main clinical gait lab laboratories have both 3D systems, forceplates and pressure mat to get the different components of the gait.

After all, what you need is dependent on what you want to do/reach.
Feel free to contact me directly if you want to discuss more about your project.

Arnaud Gouelle