The Department of Biomechanical Engineering at the University of Twente ( invites applications for PhD student positions in the field of Wearable Robotics.

PhD positions are part of a newly funded large-scale national project aimed at developing next-generation Exo-Aids: soft, comfortable wearable robotic technologies supporting smooth and versatile movements with applications in neurorehabilitation and industrial settings.

Two positions are currently available:

1. Towards symbiotic and versatile control of wearable exoskeletons for workers:

2. Human balance control in challenging conditions from experimental investigation to development and evaluation of human-inspired balance controllers:

The Department of Biomechanical Engineering is specialized in the application area of Biomedical Technology with cutting-edge research facilities in wearable robotics ( Research focuses on the interaction between the human motor system and medical devices that support this system. The result of this research is applied in the development of innovative medical devices.

Massimo Sartori, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor

University of Twente
Institute of Biomedical Technology and Technical Medicine
Faculty of Engineering Technology
Department of Biomechanical Engineering
Building Horsting Room W106 P.O. Box 217
7500 AE Enschede, The Netherlands