We have a great fully funded PhD opportunity for UK/EU-rated students at the institute of medical and biological engineering (University of Leeds, UK).

Project Background Haemophilia is a sex-linked inherited disorder that results in abnormal bleeding due to the lack of one coagulation factor. Affecting around 1-in-10000 people, its effects can be severe at an early age (typically in teenagers), including early onset osteoarthritis (OA), and a single joint haemorrhage can result in lasting joint damage up to a decade after its occurrence, hampering ability to walk and work. The exact mechanism through which haemophilia causes OA is still relatively unknown. One of the observed effects of bleeding in the ankle joint is geometric and bone quality changes, leading to a clinical reduction in ankle range of motion (ROM). This change likely interferes with the contact mechanics of the ankle joints and thus triggers early OA but the aetiology is not clearly established and the way to prevent further complications is not well understood.

Opportunity The PhD project will define a combined experimental and computational approach steered by clinical focus. The aim is to develop and validate a finite element model of the natural ankle and to computationally assess the effect of changes in bone quality and geometry on ROM and contact mechanics in haemophiliac patients. Student will have a range of professional development opportunities including access to bespoke training in innovation as well as potential for secondments and international visits.

Candidate We are looking for candidates with a background in Engineering, and experience in FEA, if possible with biomechanical modelling and/or image-based modelling.

Please get in touch with m.mengoni (@) leeds.ac.uk for more details -- http://www.imbe.leeds.ac.uk/ -- application deadline 31/05/2018
This is an EPSRC-funded PhD, therefore eligibility is UK/EU-rated students only (UK citizen, EU citizen with UK residency for 3 years, or fee-only EU citizen)
Application details at https://engineering.leeds.ac.uk/rese...tact-mechanics
Marlène MENGONI, PhD MSc Eng, FHEA
School Research Fellow in MSK interventions
Institute of Medical and Biological Engineering – School of Mechanical Engineering – University of Leeds