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Dear all
I'm using a set of treadmill running data. After applying Gait_Events_Detection function from pipeline, for some of trials it dose not work correctly. I'm send you a picture of sagittal ankle joint power. As you can see heel strike did not detect correctly. as suggested, I'm used different tricks to solve this problem like filtering the force plate data before event detection, set minimum force plate threshold to 40N but nothing changes. The sampling frequency has been 300 Hz, could this be the reason for this problem?


Another fact is the Event Label for contact with the force platform are not consistent with the force assignment. As you can see in the picture for example LHS detected by automatic_gait_events_detection pipeline at frame 147, but the left foot assignment happened at frame 145. It seems that frame 145 is the correct. How can I fix this? By the way this the pipeline that used for automatic_gait_events_detection (in this trials the FP vertical component is Y):