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Dear Drew
I'm using the last update of the software, and by applying your suggestion (increase the FP threshold from 20N to 40N) nothing changed. I have another question: Is it possible to export reports (for example gait cycle normalized joints moment or power) into a spreadsheet for each trial or every detected cycle Separatly using Visual3D?
The reason why I thought your V3D may be an older version can be seen here: http://www.c-motion.com/v3dwiki/inde...ic_Gait_Events. Your file only had LHS, LTO, etc but the latest version will create LON, LOFF, etc. when there are FP data.

You need to use the Export_Data_To_ASCII command: http://www.c-motion.com/v3dwiki/inde..._To_ASCII_File. You can opt for Mean and SD in addition to each cycle which can be time-normalized or not.