I am looking to obtain MRI data and any segmented MRIs from the Osteoarthritis Initiative. I did manage to get a response from the OAI but the conversation has been very slow and it has not been particularly fruitful.

They told me that "Unfortunately the OAI coordinating center at UCSF is no longer managing the OAI public images for the study. The images will be managed online at ndar.nih.gov in the near future, so please look for an announcement soon regarding OAI. The images should be available for download at that time."

However, the conversation has been very slow, and it has been over a month since I asked for an idea of when that might be.

A colleague of mine suggested for me to try here to see if anyone has the data and would be able to share it with me. I am looking for as many MRI scans of the knee as possible, ideally with corresponding segmentations if possible, but not absolutely necessary.

Please get in touch if you have any of the datasets or know someone else that might. Help will be greatly appreciated!