A little reading on the subject of workers who stand all day showed that this can lead to serious musculoskeletal problems as well as other complications such as a "doubling the risk of heart disease "(see link to article below ) .

What really struck me however , was the fact that just standing ,or moving around minimally , on hard concrete surfaces leads to a higher risk of plantar fasciitis than if the underfoot conditions are more forgiving ie rubber matting .

It seems to me then , that methods of loading the plantar fascia less rapidly during weight shifting and thus reducing strain in the fascia would be of benefit to workers who stand all day even if they do not actually take many recognized steps .

So back to that ideal shoe and one more feature .In my opinion a spring type sole might be of benefit .

We now have ( from above )

1. A sole which allows the feet to remain flat when at rest .

2 A toe box which allows the toes to dorsilfex freely ( Anecdotally , I have noticed that when standing in queues , the toes of people wearing open toed sandals often dorsilfex and plantar plantarflex quite noticeably during weight shifting )

and now
3. a springy sole .

I recently came across a shoe which might meet the bill made by a company called OESH .

It would be very interesting to see how this type of shoe performed against the industry standards although I realise that all the relevant health and safety standards ,were applicable , would have to be met first .


Standing for a long time doubles heart disease risk: study


29 Sep 2017 - Over time, that can increase your risk of heart disease. ... to force certain occupations to stand for long periods of time,” Smith told TODAY