[QUOTE=Laura Sotelo] High-heeled shoes have been suggested as a main explanation for the female dominance in foot pain and deformities. Aim of study was to test this hypothesis scientifically. The investigations were weight bearing radiographs of foot and ankle of 95 women using high-heeled shoes at their work since 5 years, and 105 women who had never worn them at thei work. Radiographs showed no statistically significant differences between the two groups concerning deformities or joint disease. For women aged 4066 years wearing of high-heeled shoes had not caused foot deformation, but more foot pain and callosities.
As an analysis of this study it can be observed that in the work of these women it is not necessary to spend a lot of time in the place, for this reason no plantar deformations are generated. On the other hand, because they also have to walk to get to work, we present the tiredness, pains and appearance of calluses on their feet; A possible solution to this problem is to observe where in the pie is the greatest number of pressures, by means of the templates of analysis of the march, and thus generate a more appropriate footwear to reduce these pains and / or callosities.