Hi all,
I am beginning an experiment soon where we will be attaching passive pearl markers (17mm base, 9.5mm diameter spheres) on the face around the lips and chin. There will be five markers total: directly above the center of the top lip, below the center of the bottom lip, on the R corner of the mouth, on the L corner of the mouth, and on the chin.

We will be asking our subjects to speak during the experiment, and subjects will be instrumented for about 1.5 hours total.

I have seen many suggestions for ways to adhere markers to skin on this forum but I have not seen anything specific to the face. I think the face is different from any other area of the body because the skin changes shape drastically, and the adhesive should probably be hypoallergenic.

Please let me know what adhesion methods you have found success with when attaching markers to the face in such a way!