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Thread: leg stiffness during gait

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    leg stiffness during gait

    It has been shown that humans adjust leg stiffness during running to accommodate to varying surface hardnesses and so maintain a consistent gait pattern . The foot ,of course , is an integrated part of this system but recent evidence (ref below Kelly et al 2014 ) suggests that the foot is not only part of a whole leg stiffness system but also has a closed tissue stress controlling system of its own .

    In the paper mentioned , Kelly appears to shown that in seated subjects loading of the tissues of the foot (and in my view most likely loading of the plantar fascia ) produces an increasing amount of activity in the plantar intrinsics indicating a closed systems involving the plantar fascia and the intrinsic ,arch supporting muscles .

    Thus , foot stiffness and leg stiffness can be controlled separately with the plantar fascia acting as a strain gauge in the case of the foot . Perhaps orthotics should be looked at from the perspective not only of how they affect the whole but also how they affect the systems within the foot .

    Intrinsic foot muscles have the capacity to control deformation of the ...

    by LA Kelly - ‎2014 - ‎Cited by 65 - ‎Related articles
    8 Jan 2014 - The plantar intrinsic foot muscles possess origins and insertions that are ..... In this study, we have extended the findings of Kelly et al. [18] by ...
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