Dear Colleagues,
I wanted to make everyone aware that we have made our raw surface and fine wire EMG data, as well as the determined visual onset times, publicly available from our recent publications in PLOS ONE (surface EMG) and Journal of Applied Biomechanics (fine wire EMG).

The manuscripts are available here so you can review the methods:

The PLOS ONE is Open Access and I can be contacted (easiest through ResearchGate) for the JAB manuscript.

The general repository is located here and the raw data is compressed as .rds files and the visual onset times are .csv files:

For educational purposes, and those not familiar with the R programming language, I have created some demonstration R Markdown files to show how the data can easily be extracted (contained within the GitHub repo). This data is free for use, experimentation, and publication. All I ask is that appropriate citation for the data be utilized. Indeed, I see at least one other research group has already found this data helpful for their benchmarking of new algorithms:

Please let me know if there are any questions/concerns.