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Thread: Online motion repository Moveshelf now support VICON Plug-in Gait, MotionAnalysis

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    Online motion repository Moveshelf now supports VICON Plug-in Gait, MotionAnalysis

    Hi all,

    Based on your great feedback we’ve extended C3D functionalities and support for standard markers sets:
    * VICON Nexus, Plug-in Gait Lower Body (16 Markers)
    * VICON Nexus, Plug-in Gait full body(39 Markers)
    * Motion Analysis, full body configuration (41 Markers)

    Extended Biomechanics and Gait analysis functionalities now include visualization for optical segments, force plate data, EMG, kinematic joint angles and events.
    Here you are a short demo:

    Please try it out and let us know how we can further improve for your specific needs: FREE beta signup available on

    We have also opened reference video support, in sync with the 3D motion data, to all our beta users, with automatic transcoding for problem free, smooth, playback on any platform (iPhone, Android, macOS, Windows).

    Note that if you upload data on Moveshelf, you can always keep it fully private and secure, or you can choose to share it with select co-workers or publicly.
    It is your data, you are in control!

    It is our goal to make working with 3D motion data much easier and more valuable.
    We encouraged direct feedback on and on and we are always happy to talk!

    Ignazio, Moveshelf
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