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Thread: Fasting before Indirect calorimetry measure of submax exercise

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    Re: Fasting before Indirect calorimetry measure of submax exercise

    I've asked the exercise physiologists in my unit this same question and the consensus seems to be:

    - The minimum fasting time to provide an adequate control is about 3 hours
    - An overnight fast is overkill but is largely done for convenience (stop eating at a normal time then do the test first thing in the morning)
    - If not controlled, it won't necessarily affect the overall metabolic rate very much, but can have a big effect on substrate oxidation
    - Same story for caffeine
    - No need to worry about drinking water pre-test unless specifically studying hydration

    I don't know this literature well enough to give any key references, but here's one I found quickly on running (maybe they cite some of the key earlier references):

    "Postprandial" (relating to the period after a meal) seems to be the term commonly used for this; I didn't have much luck searching for e.g. "fasting metabolic rate walking".

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