A PhD studentship position is available at Penn State in the Neurorehabilitation and Movement Neuroscience Laboratory of Dr. Bob Sainburg. Our laboratory has focused on understanding brain lateralization for motor control, and the effects of such lateralization on motor function following brain damage due to unilateral stroke. We have demonstrated that left and right hemisphere lesions have different effects on specific aspects of motor control and learning. Most importantly, each hemisphere contributes to control of both arms, a phenomenon that results in non-paretic arm motor deficits following unilateral stroke. Our methods focus heavily on recording and analyzing limb kinematics, kinetics, and for many studies electromyography. We also employ standardized clinical evaluations of motor function, activities of daily living, and functional independence.

This studentship will begin August 2019, and is supported by a Kinesiology department Teaching Assistantship, which includes a living stipend and tuition and requires 10 hours per week commitment to a structured teaching situation, serving a supporting role in a class with a primary instructor. This role may include grading, running laboratory sections, running review sessions, and providing office hours for students.


We are seeking an individual with a M.S. degree or equivalent in kinesiology, biology, biomedical engineering, rehabilitation, or a related field. The successful candidate will be directly mentored by Dr. Sainburg and will work closely with his team of graduate students and scientists. Please contact Dr. Sainburg via email if you are interested rls45@psu.edu

Robert L. Sainburg, Ph.D. OTR
Professor of Kinesiology and Neurology
Penn State University and Penn State College of Medicine