Hi Raphael,

Great thanks for your reply. However, the issue is that I do not want my deformations to be regarded as the soft tissue artifact, and I do not intend to optimize the position of the points using least square method or singular value decomposition. In fact, the deformation of my points are the effect of force on the object, not a consequence of artifact.

If I want to make it simple, a f(t) is the force which is changing over time (its point of effect and its value). This force applies different deformations on each point in the object and this deformation should be a combination of (rotation of the object+translation of the object+deformation of the point). I am interested to depart the rotation+translation of the object from each point at each frame, and to estimate its deformation.

Until now I have tried:
(1) Ordinary Procrustes Analysis (OPA). However, this method diminish a big part of real deformation of the object. It is good for removing artifacts, but not for estimating deformation.

(2) iterative contact points (ICP), this method works better that OPA, but still eliminate a big proportion of real deformation.

I will appreciate if somebody could suggest a robust approach to reach the real deformation.