AnyBody Modeling System webcast presented twice 29 November

Ergonomic Evaluation of Handbrakes in Passenger Vehicles

Comfort is an important factor in product buying decisions. Therefore, vehicle manufacturers aim to develop ergonomic vehicles that minimize occupants’ discomfort. The handbrake is an essential control in vehicles. This work provides the first demonstration that the perceived discomfort of the handbrake application can reliably be predicted based on postural, biomechanical and mathematical modelling.

Dr. Andrea Upmann, Ford-Werke GmbH Cologne and Dipl.-Math. Jessica Rausch, Ford Research & Innovation Center Aachen.

Andrea and Jessica will provide an insight into the multi-step study detailed in Andrea’s dissertation. The project was enabled in cooperation between three Ford departments and the Institute of Biomechanics and Orthopedics at the German Sport University Cologne.

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