I am collecting data using Nexux 2.6.1 and I am doing all of my post-processing on Nexus 2.7, to analyse kinetics and kinematics during a single leg countermovement jump onto a force platform. I am using a plug-in gait lower body cluster marker set (that was made up using ProCalc).

Here is the issue, for some of my trails where the Right leg is the leg performing the single leg countermovement jump, the model outputs RKneeForce and RKneeMoment are empty while the Right foot is in contact with the force platform. However, the LKneeForce and LKneeMoment model outputs are present for those frames; which could not be correct since that leg is not in contact with the force platform during those frames. It seems as though Vicon is mixing up left and right model outputs, I have double checked that my skeleton is labeled properly, I have also checked the force platform data and it does not seem to be the issue. Any ideas as to why this may be happening to some of these trails and not others, and how I can fix it?

Secondly, for some of my trails a marker drops out towards the end of the trial and never comes back into view, which makes it impossible for me to 'fill' those gaps. Is there a way to create a Virtual marker based off of another trials, or a static capture? I have created Virtual markers in Motion Analysis based off of the static capture but I am unsure how to do so on Vicon.

Best regards,
Sydney Dreves