The OpenSim Project and the National Center for Simulation in Rehabilitation Research (NCSRR) at Stanford invite you to join our next webinar, featuring Luca Modenese and Andrew Phillips from Imperial College London.

Title: Interfacing Musculoskeletal and Finite Element Models to Study Bone Structure and Adaptation
Speaker: Luca Modenese and Andrew Phillips, Imperial College London.
Time: Tuesday, December 11, 2018 at 10:00 a.m. Pacific Standard Time

Musculoskeletal models can be used to simulate human motion and study the muscle and joint reaction forces occurring during various activities. The predicted internal forces can in turn be applied as external loads in finite element (FE) models of biological structures, e.g. bone and cartilage, to calculate internal stresses and strains and investigate their behaviour and adaptation in a biofidelic mechanical environment. In this webinar, we will present our experience in interfacing musculoskeletal models with FE models, describing methodological solutions we developed to apply force sets from musculoskeletal models to deformable models of bones, including consideration of load application, boundary conditions and an OpenSim plugin to extract muscle force directions. We will also present as example some computational studies where we applied these methodologies to bone structure optimization in the femur and pelvis bones and to the investigation of prenatal biomechanics.

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