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-------------- Summary of the latest issues --------------
・Vol. 13, No. 4 : 5 articles (1 review and 4 research papers)
Special issue on “Recent Advances in Biomechanical Science and
Engineering – Asian-Pacific Association for Biomechanics”

-------------- Vol. 13, No. 4 --------------
Regulation of α-catenin conformation at cadherin adhesions
p.17-00699 (Review)

Elastohydrodynamic phase-lock in two rotating cilia
Toshihiro OMORI, Mingming LU, Takuji ISHIKAWA

Evaluation of initiating characteristics of osteoblastic calcium signaling responses to stretch by video rate time-course observation
Katsuya SATO, Manabu KATAYAMA, Shoichiro FUJISAWA, Tasuku NAKAHARA, Kazuyuki MINAMI

Three-dimensional deformation mode of multicellular epithelial tube under tension and compression tests
Satoru OKUDA, Katsuyuki UNOKI, Mototsugu EIRAKU, Ken-ichi TSUBOTA

Optimizing successful balance recovery from unexpected trips and slips
Matthew A BRODIE, Yoshiro OKUBO, Daina L STURNIEKS, Stephen R LORD

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