Dear Biomch-L,

We would like to mention our interest in establishing collaborations with researchers or students to expand the pyCGM module. First released on github in 2015, pyCGM is an open source version of the conventional gait model written in python and validated against the Vicon plug-in gait (PiG) model. pyCGM is a straightforward and minimally dependent library that can easily be integrated into research projects. Our publication early last year showed how simple it was to make modifications to pyCGM for updated gait models. The github code also features a few examples of using high performance computing with the model, making it extremely fast on large clusters.

As we continue to develop the code to make it easier for integration into other projects, we are looking for interested collaborators. In particular, we are keen to implement kinetic computations into the pyCGM module. We are open to other modifications based on the expertise of potential collaborators.

Code repository:


The effect of subject measurement error on joint kinematics in the conventional gait model: Insights from the open-source pyCGM tool using high performance computing methods:

Mathew Schwartz
Assistant Professor
College of Architecture and Design
New Jersey Institute of Technology

Philippe C. Dixon, PhD, CSCS
Carré Technologies