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Thread: Ground reaction forces and gait

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    Re: Ground reaction forces and gait

    Away from gait but still talking about angular acceleration of swinging appendages through the linear , vertical acceleration of the pelvis , this slow motion video (1 below ) is fascinating . The video is 1 min long but the bits of interest happen 30 secs in . In slow motion you can see McIlroy first sitting a little , and then ,as his arms swing past horizontal to the ground , he drives up hard on his left leg . This is were the club head speed comes from .

    So watch his belt from seconds number 30 to 45 .

    Rory McIlroy - Driver Extreme Slow Motion (2014) - YouTube

    ▶ 1:04

    4 Nov 2014 - Uploaded by RollYourRock
    Rory McIlroy - Driver Extreme Slow Motion (2014). RollYourRock. Loading... Unsubscribe from RollYourR
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