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Thread: Ground reaction forces and gait

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    Re: Ground reaction forces and gait

    We are firmly off piste here and it would be astonishing if the vertical acceleration and deceleration of the pelvis were key to efficient gait and yet remain almost entirely unstudied , in that context , over so many years . I was aware of that when I started this thread but , as yet , have not changed my mind that this might indeed be the case .

    It still seems to me , more likely than not ,that the vertical acceleration/ deceleration of the pelvis plays a vital role in co-coordinating the swinging appendages of the body during gait (arms and swing leg )

    With regard to the golf swing if you look at the point of impact you can see that ,for a right handed golfer, the pivot point of the arm /club pendulum is the left shoulder , not the head ( see video and driving left leg 1 ).

    I think it was Ben Hogan , a past great , who said that on the down swing he did no more than let his arms move under the force of gravity . What he might have been unaware of was vertically driving lead leg .

    Finally ,did you have any thoughts on this part of post 13 ? -

    "With regard to kicking a football /rugby ball after a run up , at least some of angular momentum generated in the kicking leg seems likely to be generated by the vertical deceleration of the pelvis cause by the standing /support foot meeting the ground after the final approach stride . "

    I ask because it is an extreme example and therefore more likely to shed light on things .

    Rory McIlroy - Driver Swing Slow Motion (May 2017) - YouTube

    ▶ 0:51

    27 Jun 2017 - Uploaded by RollYourRock
    Rory McIlroy - Driver Swing Slow Motion (May 2017). RollYourRock. Loading... Unsubscribe from ...

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