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Thread: Ground reaction forces and gait

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    Re: Ground reaction forces and gait

    Actually Allan you might just be the man for this .
    I get the impression you like to think about biomechanics , just as I do myself , and I have come across something surprising that you might like to get your teeth into .

    You will be aware of the foot pump and the calf muscle pump and you might well have read texts which describe their function . In every text I have ever read the calf pump in particular is described as helping to move blood towards the heart against gravity . However what about the centripedal forces and centrifigal affect generated in the legs and vasculature during walking and running . I have never ,in years of looking ,found a paper on venous return which takes these forces into account when ,for example ,discussing venous reflux .
    Surely these forces are increasingly relevant as you move from slow walking to brisk walking to jogging then running then sprinting .

    It is worth noting that in individuals with previous heart failure and thus reduce cardiac capacity , poor venous return may reduce preloading (Starling mechanism ) and thus cardiac output .

    What do you think . Have the vascular people missed a trick ?

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