Hi Everyone! I'm a graduate student at University of Virgina
and am trying to mechanically compare bone samples which have
been preserved in varying ways (frozen, embalmed,...). I am
considering using extensometers since the strain gauges I would need
to use will be very small and difficult to apply. I am looking
for extensometers which can measure both axial and transverse
elongations; however, the gage length for my transverse
specimens is very small (approximately 10mm). I have found
small extensometers in the literature, but they have been used
on larger gage lengths than mine. Also, no information on the
extensometer suppliers were given. Therefore, any information
you could forward to me concerning very small extensometers and
their suppliers would be greatly appreciated. Also, if anyone
has a better idea on how to take this data please let me know.

Thank you for the information.

Susan Weinhoffer
University of Virginia